Spectrum SMT US operation moves to Florida

Nov 2, 2023

We are in the process of moving our US headquarters to Florida, prompted in part by the sad loss of our US representative Kevin Colvin after a short illness. Kevin managed our Arizona office for many years and was always a bright addition to the IPC APEX events.

Moving our operation to Florida will allow us to make the best use of Jacksonville International Airport and the global gateway of Jackonsville Port Authority. We know that lead times are important for our clients and we are working to reduce these across the board.

Spectrum SMT has been specialising in the supply of quality machine spares for the Surface Mount Technology sector across North America, Europe and the UK for many years. We are a leader in SMT feeders, nozzles, label feeders, machine spares and smart storage. Our range of SMT products, spares and services is constantly developed whilst maintaining our consistently competitive pricing.


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