Spectrum SMT partners with CLUSO Vision Systems of Australia

Jul 28, 2020

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as distributors for the highly innovative Cluso InvMan smart storage system which has been making huge strides in the streamlining of inventory management in electronics manufacturing.

InvMan offers a Fully Wireless, portable SMT Reel and Component Storage Solution

The key advantages of Cluso over any other existing SMART STORAGE system are:

  • Can accommodate multi-user simultaneous picking and stocking components. No queues waiting to access the system
  • Fully flexible storage in both width and height allowing change of storage from 7” to 15” (S1 only) and different reel widths (S1 & S2) without having to specify when ordering the system.
  • Total traceability from component arrival in the factory to depletion. You know where the components have been used from the interface. Also shows when reel is depleted so no time wasted searching for that phantom reel.
  • Allows storage of both reel and loose components.
ian nicholsIan Nichols, CEO of the Spectrum SMT Group said “we are absolutely thrilled to be helping to bring this fabulous system to our customers who have long sought an inventory management setup designed and manufactured by those in the front line of electronics manufacturing”

InvMan delivers outstanding productivity by:

  • Simplifying receiving, storage and retrieval
  • Eliminating kitting
  • Automatically monitoring stock levels
  • Enforcing First-In-First-Out
  • Delivering full traceability
  • Reducing warehousing space significantly
  • Automatic detection through use of IR beams and sensors
  • No wait time as multi-user capable
  • Extremely fast set up on feeders direct from inventory storage

Designed to be as flexible as possible with the ability to adjust the location width at any time to accommodate any size reel in less than 3 seconds.To store a reel it is as easy as scanning any empty location and scanning the component barcode number.

Serena Ross, Sales Manager, Cluso Vision Systems added “We are delighted to be partnering together with Ian and the crew from Spectrum SMT Group. Sharing a common drive and passion has brought us together. We know that Cluso is bringing a product to manufacturers who are seeking real solutions to their manufacturing challenges. We are looking forward to working together now and in the future.”

InvManS2 from spectrum smt

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