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SMT Machine Spares & Miscellaneous parts, with many manufacturers discontinuing SMT spares support for older machines our vast stock of SMT machine spares should keep your pick and place machines running. We also offer a parts finder service for other machines on the SMT production line. Our network of buyers can help to find most spares at great prices. Everything from solder tips to CPU board, replacement head to vision assembly.

We carry a large range of SMT spares for all major makes and models of SMT equipment. To make it easier to find spared we have prepared a series of parts lists for SMT machines:

Spectrum SMT Machine Spares Knowledge Base

Juki SMT Machines
Fuji SMT Machines

We partner with Siplace Spares in Europe (Part of the Cynergy Europe group) who offer a parts finder service for all ASM/Siplace/Siemens machines.

To contact Siplace Spares click here:

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