Smart Storage Solutions for SMT Companies of all Sizes

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About Arcadia Smart Storage

Arcadia’s development team have developed a next generation smart storage system to fit small through to large scale applications at very reasonable price. Smaller companies with limited budgets through to large scale factories benefit immediately, avoiding manually handling lists and components with associated risk for human error.

The Arcadia solution will dramatically reduce the space required for component storage and the time required for production kitting / de-kitting. Human error will be eliminated with unique barcode ID’s on all material which also allows traceability of components from goods inward through to assembly.

Designed to simplify and automate the management of components within the company and is scalable and easily integrated with MRP.

They reduce the kitting /de-kitting time from minutes to few seconds per reel, optimize the space necessary for their storage and eliminate feeder kitting errors. With the unique built in camera, you do not need to scan barcodes and have a hand free for placing components which further reduces time to pick / replace reels. The camera identifies and separates automatically the barcodes on the label, so no more incorrect code scans.

NEW! Archimede shelves for sealed components

Handle packages with their own sealed bags directly as standard reels. Simply place sealed components directly into empty slots… and the sensors will do the job!

Arcadia Smart SMT Storage in use

smart smt storage
smart smt storage
smart smt storage
Smart Storage Solutions for SMT - arcadia

Archimedes Smart Storage System

Vertical solution for component storage

Efficient and integrated material management generates profit for your business. It reduces production line downtime between orders, simplifies operations, eliminate errors and enables complete traceability. With Archimedes next generation developments within software integration and component sensing, you can optimize your manufacturing environment and enjoy an extremely short return on investment.

Arcadia’s solutions are easily configurable and adaptable to future requirements and the type of components handled, We offer an extremely advantageous price for adaptation of existing units to new configurations as your requirements might evolve and therefore retaining the value of initial investment.

Archimede Smart Storage System is a fully sensored solution optimized for all kinds of SMT reel packaging.

It can handle 7”, 10”, 13” and 15” reels, together with trays, tubes and even bulk packaging.

All positions are uniquely identified by RGB LEDs showing their status or even allowing simultaneous picking of different BOM’s.

Archimedes Smart Cart

Mobile solution for component storage

The Archimedes cart is directly connected to the Archimedes system within your company and bridges the gap between where the shelving is situated and the placement line where errors can occur. Transferring the components necessary for production is immediate: through the use of sensors and RGB LEDs, the illuminated components in the warehouses can be simply picked up and inserted in any free position on the trolley and the position sensed for that unique barcode will be recorded in the database.

Smart Storage Solutions for SMT - arcadia

Archimedes Smart Cart

This system retains the material in a closed loop system right to the point at lineside where the picked reel is scanned on the machine in the correct position. Likewise, removal at de-kitting is performed with the same level of speed and security and updated in the common database with the residual component counts for each reel*

Potentially disastrous kitting errors and long set-up and verification times will be a distant memory!

*requires p&p machine interface

Galileo Incoming System

Fast Goods-in & Label Printing

Optimize components management!
Record all incoming components data quickly and without errors

Our brand new Galileo system automatically recognizes standard ECIA labels info without any teaching, Non-standard labels can quickly be defined for future recognition and catalogued according to manufacturers layouts and directly creates and prints unique identifier labels to be used with the Archimedes storage system! The unique identifier format can also be adapted to conform with any pre-existing format used in your factory.

With integration into your ERP, the process of adding received orders to stock and acknowledging delivery from the vendor is also automated in one simple task and the entire label and reel image is saved for future reference and complete traceability. If UID is also used on your pick and place /PCB’s and integrated to MRP/ERP, you have seamless end to end traceability down to individual components on individual boards.

Smart Storage Solutions for SMT - arcadia

Multipurpose shelf to take variable sized product

The ease of finding and replacing a reel during production

Smart Storage Solutions for SMT - arcadia
Smart Storage Solutions for SMT - arcadia

The Arcadia Smart Camera

Incoming system