i-PULSE SMT Nozzles

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i-PULSE Nozzles

As well as stocking i-PULSE SMT Nozzles we offer a free advice service if you are having trouble placing components. Our experienced engineers can advise which SMT nozzle best suits your requirement and for those special components we offer a free custom nozzle design service. Please see below for the i-PULSE SMT Nozzle part numbers that we stock.

The Spectrum SMT Nozzle promise:

  • Quality control on our i-PULSE SMT Nozzles is second to none
  • The range of i-PULSE SMT Nozzles we keep in stock offers complete choice
  • Need a quote? We’ll get back to you by return
  • Our i-PULSE SMT Nozzles carry a 12 month warranty
  • The complete SMT machine spares and feeder partner you need

On a mobile device? Scroll horizontally across the tables below to see all details for every nozzle.

i-PULSE M1 SMT Nozzles


LG0-M7701-00X I-PULSE M001 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7703-00X I-PULSE M002 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7705-00X I-PULSE M003 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7707-00X I-PULSE M004 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7709-00X I-PULSE M005 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770B-00X I-PULSE M006 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770E-00X I-PULSE M012 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770G-00X I-PULSE M013 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770H-00X I-PULSE M017 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770K-00X I-PULSE M018 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770M-00X I-PULSE M019 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770P-00X I-PULSE M020 SMT nozzle


i-PULSE M20 SMT Nozzles


LC6-M772D-000 I-Pulse P Series P053 Nozzle – Original new
LC6-M772B-000 I-Pulse P Series P052 Nozzle – Original new


i-PULSE M2 SMT Nozzles


LC1-M7703-000 I-PULSE N002 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7705-000 I-PULSE N003 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7707-00 I-PULSE N004 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7709-00 I-PULSE N005 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770B-00 I-PULSE N006 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N012 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770F-00 I-PULSE N013 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770H-00 I-PULSE N017 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770K-00 I-PULSE N018 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N019 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N020 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7704-000 I-PULSE N022 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770S-00 I-PULSE N002 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7712-00 I-PULSE N031 SMT nozzle
LC1-M77**-00 I-PULSE N032 SMT nozzle
SLYYM113G-00 I-PULSE N198 SMT nozzle


i-PULSE  M7 SMT Nozzles


LC6-M7709-00 I-PULSE P005 SMT nozzle
LC6-M770K-00 I-PULSE P018 SMT nozzle
LC6-M7712-00 I-PULSE P031 SMT nozzle
LG0-M771R-03 I-PULSE P032 SMT nozzle
LG0-M117U-03 I-PULSE P033 SMT nozzle
LC6-M7718-00 I-PULSE P034 SMT nozzle
LC6-M770P-001 I-PULSE P020 SMT nozzle
LC6 M772K – 001 I-PULSE P055 SMT nozzle