Ipulse Feeders

Spectrum SMT stock Ipulse Feeders at very competitive prices. We will not compromise on quality and all our used SMT feeders are checked through our quality control prior to shipping. Our new SMT feeders are sold with a 12 month warranty. Please see below for the Ipulse Feeder part numbers that we stock.

F1-8x2MM LG4-M1A00-030
F1-8x4MM LG4-M1A00-022
F1-12MM LG4-M4A00-010
F1-16MM LG4-M5A00-010
F1-24MM LG4-M6A00-010
F1-32MM LG4-M7A00-010
F1-44MM LG4-M8A00-010
F1-56MM LG4-M9A00-010
F2-8x2MM LG4-M1A00-110
F2-8x4MM LG4-M1A00-110
F2-12MM LG4-M4A00-120
F2-16MM LG4-M5A00-120
F2-24MM LG4-M6A00-120
F2-32MM LG4-M7A00-120
F2-44MM LG4-M8A00-120
F2-56MM LG4-M9A00-120
F3 -8MM KLK-MC100-000
F3 – 12MM KLK-MC200-000
F3 -16MM KLK-MC300-000
F3 -24MM KLK-M400-000
F3 -32MM KLK-MC500-000
F3 -44MM KLK-MC600-000
F3 -56MM KLK-MC700-000
F3- 72MM KLK-MC800-000

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