i-PULSE SMT nozzle shortage – Spectrum SMT has stock!

Oct 19, 2021

There is a shortage of i-PULSE SMT Nozzles in the UK, we have good stocks at Spectrum SMT. Here are some of the part numbers we carry, but don’t hestiate to get in touch as we can source most nozzles at short notice.

We have the following original Ipulse nozzles available for immediate shipment

On a mobile device? Scroll horizontally across the tables below to see all details for every nozzle.

i-PULSE M20 SMT Nozzles


LC6-M772D-000 I-Pulse P Series P053 Nozzle – Original new
LC6-M772B-000 I-Pulse P Series P052 Nozzle – Original new


i-PULSE M1 SMT Nozzles


LG0-M7701-00X I-PULSE M001 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7703-00X I-PULSE M002 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7705-00X I-PULSE M003 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7707-00X I-PULSE M004 SMT nozzle
LG0-M7709-00X I-PULSE M005 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770B-00X I-PULSE M006 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770E-00X I-PULSE M012 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770G-00X I-PULSE M013 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770H-00X I-PULSE M017 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770K-00X I-PULSE M018 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770M-00X I-PULSE M019 SMT nozzle
LG0-M770P-00X I-PULSE M020 SMT nozzle


i-PULSE M2 SMT Nozzles


LC1-M7703-000 I-PULSE N002 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7705-000 I-PULSE N003 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7707-00 I-PULSE N004 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7709-00 I-PULSE N005 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770B-00 I-PULSE N006 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N012 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770F-00 I-PULSE N013 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770H-00 I-PULSE N017 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770K-00 I-PULSE N018 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N019 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770*-00 I-PULSE N020 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7704-000 I-PULSE N022 SMT nozzle
LC1-M770S-00 I-PULSE N002 SMT nozzle
LC1-M7712-00 I-PULSE N031 SMT nozzle
LC1-M77**-00 I-PULSE N032 SMT nozzle
SLYYM113G-00 I-PULSE N198 SMT nozzle


i-PULSE  M7 SMT Nozzles


LC6-M7709-00 I-PULSE P005 SMT nozzle
LC6-M770K-00 I-PULSE P018 SMT nozzle
LC6-M7712-00 I-PULSE P031 SMT nozzle
LG0-M771R-03 I-PULSE P032 SMT nozzle
LG0-M117U-03 I-PULSE P033 SMT nozzle
LC6-M7718-00 I-PULSE P034 SMT nozzle
LC6-M770P-001 I-PULSE P020 SMT nozzle
LC6 M772K – 001 I-PULSE P055 SMT nozzle


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