How to easily replace SMT nozzles?

Jun 11, 2021

We offer original and custom nozzles for all major makes and platforms of SMT machines. Spectrum SMT can supply all of your nozzle requirements, no matter how many machines you have from different manufacturers.

Where can we get advice on best nozzle to use?

Just email us with your questions or send us the datasheet and machine model for custom nozzles. We can take the hassle out of identifying not only the exact nozzle for your machine, but also from sourcing hard to find or obsolete nozzles.

Can we improve our lines productivity by refining our choice of nozzle?

You should be using the manufacturers recommended nozzle for standard components, and we can help advise on this. We can also design custom nozzles for your specific requirements.

We have some older machines, can you source nozzles for them?

In most cases yes, we even have some old Comet nozzles in stock!

How do you design custom nozzles?

We require a datasheet of the component and the machine model, our engineers liaise with you and do the rest on CAD.

Give some examples of how custom nozzles have helped customers

Lots of LEDs, grippers, and some really crazy looking blade nozzles!

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