Spectrum SMT

We are a US and UK based company supplying SMT machine spares, Servive & SMT Smart Storage

Custom SMT Nozzles

We offer a free custom nozzle design service for most SMT components

SMT Spare Parts and Smart Storage

Spectrum SMT is a UK and US based company specialising in the supply of quality machine spares for the Surface Mount Technology sector across North America, Europe and the UK. We have been a leader in SMT feeders, nozzles, label feeders, machine spares and smart storage for many years. We continue to develop our range of Spectrum SMT machine spares, products and services whilst maintaining our consistently competitive pricing.

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Latest News From Spectrum SMT

Looking for Obsolete or Discontinued SMT Machine Spares?

Looking for Obsolete or Discontinued SMT Machine Spares?

As manufacturers develop new SMT machines we often find that older models don't receive the support they deserve. These machines have many hours of production left in them and often show an enviable ROI, so it makes sense to keep them in service for as long as...

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Smart Storage Solutions

Smart Storage Solutions

We always strive to forge partnerships with companies that share our vision and complement our commitment to the best customer service possible. Sometimes goals don't align however and we have to step away, unfortunately this has happened with Arcadia Smart Storage...

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Spectrum SMT US operation moves to Florida

Spectrum SMT US operation moves to Florida

We are in the process of moving our US headquarters to Florida, prompted in part by the sad loss of our US representative Kevin Colvin after a short illness. Kevin managed our Arizona office for many years and was always a bright addition to the IPC APEX events....

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About Spectrum SMT Machine Spares

Spectrum SMT addresses the need for a versatile and flexible company that can meet the needs of the growing SMT industry by providing great value SMT feeders, SMT nozzles, SMT machine spares as well as a source for locating SMT pick and place machines and associated machinery with the SMT line.

We are leaders in SMT Smart Storage systems and have solutions for large and small companies.

Here for you 24/7

We have assembled a team of experts capable of advising on requirements for the major makes of SMT machines and our policy is to help keep costs down for our customers. If you are struggling to find the correct SMT replacement nozzle for your special component placement, such as LEDs, or are finding that your SMT feeders are not delivering the components as they should then speak to one of our experts for free and friendly advice. We do not believe in the “hard sell”, we will give you the best advice and offer you a service which we like to think is the best in the world.

Spectrum SMT is your perfect partner


Fast & Reliable

We carry most major SMT nozzles and SMT feeders in stock and can dispatch via our overnight service worldwide


Keep SMT Lines Running

Our SMT spares locator service at Spectrum SMT ensures minimal downtime for your operations. Keep your SMT lines running smoothly with our highly efficient service.


Working Together

At Spectrum SMT, we understand the urgency of your order. Our expertise lies in working together. We know the order can be urgent, we help predict your requirements.

Ian Nichols of Spectrum SMT interviewed at IPC Apex Expo 2023

Interview at IPC APEX Expo 2022

Interview at SMTAI 2019

Interview at SMT Hybrid & Packaging 2018

SMT Products For All These Brands

makes and models we supply equipment for

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