Spectrum SMT

A US and UK based company supplying SMT feeders, SMT nozzles, SMT machine spares, SMT feeder repair, SMT machine sales and service, all at great cost saving prices. Located in Arizona and the UK, Spectrum SMT, for unbeatable value and outstanding service.

Why use Spectrum SMT?

Based in Mesa, Arizona and Brighton, England, Spectrum SMT addresses the need for a versatile and flexible company that can meet the needs of the growing SMT industry by providing great value SMT feeders, SMT nozzles, SMT machine spares as well as a source for locating SMT pick and place machines and associated machinery with the SMT line.

We recognise that our customers typically need a fast and reliable service and do not want to wait for their order. To address this we carry most major manufacturers’ SMT nozzles and SMT feeders in stock and can dispatch via our overnight service worldwide. Our SMT spares locator service is a vital tool to keep your lines running.

We understand the frustration of having an SMT production line down and work with our customers to ensure fast and reliable deliveries. We know that the time between RFQ and issue of PO can sometimes be frustratingly slow for the SMT team on the factory floor and that by the time the PO is issued the requirement can be urgent.

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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to your needs

We have assembled a team of experts capable of advising on requirements for the major makes of SMT machines and our policy is to help keep costs down for our customers. If you are struggling to find the correct SMT nozzle for your special component placement, such as LEDs, or are finding that your SMT feeders are not delivering the components as they should then speak to one of our experts for free and friendly advice. We do not believe in the “hard sell”, we are here to help! Our assistance is free and unbiased, we will give you the best advice and offer you a service which we like to think is the best in the world.

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