Hitachi Feeders

Spectrum SMT stock Hitachi Feeders at very competitive prices. We will not compromise on quality and all our used SMT feeders are checked through our quality control prior to shipping. Our new SMT feeders are sold with a 12 month warranty. Please see below for the Hitachi Feeder part numbers that we stock.

12/16MM GT12160/GT12161/GT12162
12/16MM GD12162/GD12161/GD12160
24/32MM GD24320/GD24321/GD24322
24/32MM GD24322/GD24321/GD24320
24/32MM GT24322/GT24321/GT24320
44/56MM GD44560/GD44561/GD44562
72MM GT72002/GD72002/GT72001/GT72000
88MM GT88000/GT88001/GT88002
8MM GD08080/GD08081/GD08082
8MM GD18080/GD18081/GD18082/GD18083
8MM GD28080/GD28081/GD28082/GD28083
8MM GD38080/GD38081/GD38082/GD38083
8MM GT08080/GT08081/GT08082/GT08083
8MM SL48085/SL48086/SL48087/SL48088
8MM GT18080/GT18081/GT18082/GT18083
8MM GT28080/GT28081/GT28082/GT28083
8MM GT38080/GT38081/GT38082/GT38083
GXH Vibratory Stick Feeder CSG100
SIGMA Vibratory Stick Feeder GSFB100

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